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Stuck before I start

Posted November 8th, 2021 at 03:48 AM by JayVapes

So as I have gotten things in the mail, such as the clutch lever bolt new oem levers and adjustable levers, fork seals and dust covers, fork oil etc... I have been putting off a fork seal driver and I'm not sure which one to get. So I have to figure that out, I also have to figure out which coolant I want to be running in it. I already have begun to work on the fairings and the cyanoacrylate is working impressively well. After learning what abs slurry, glue and cement is I wanted to tray all those things but I havent purchased acetone. If these fairings break I will definitely be giving it a try. anywho I also need a motorcycle jack since I will be removing to forks to change the oil in them. So this blog is mostly to state I havent installed the new bars, levers, or fork seals because I dont have a Bike jack. I guess I could use a could use something else to hold it erect. Idk I'm challenged when it comes to thinking this way. I am the kind of person that says there is a right tool for...
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Getting Things in the Mail

Posted October 19th, 2021 at 11:36 PM by JayVapes

Ive been thinking about what to do with my exhaust. one side has some light scratching and the other side has a heavy dent from swing arm from when the previous owner dropped it. Honestly when I first got this bike, I thought the owner had dropped it slightly but as I dive in and take things apart, I see all these odd things that they did to it and think about how hard he dropped it and hoe many times it did flips, jk. I find myself dreaming about my next bike and finding things that are more silly. I received a couple of oem levers in the mail today and I mocked them up on the old handle bars, and I had a lot memories come whooshing back when I would take the back roads in south Texas on my way to Corpus Christi. I ordered a couple other levers from another user on here named JJMAINE, I hope one day to make ride from Texas to Maine. The new aftermarket Levers are CRG levers, theyre adjustable and seem to be two or three finger levers, I'm not sure which ones I will put on the bike but...
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Just a guy and his bike

Posted October 14th, 2021 at 10:33 AM by JayVapes

Itís been several years that Iíve owned this bike. I got it for my commute during college and it has always had a spot in my heart being it was my first motorcycle. I had it at my business for storage but after a break in I found that the thieves stole my key. And it was downhill from there. I had it in my mind to take it to a friends house and remove the ignition with all the tools he had. Simply put he and I had a falling out and we never worked on it but had disassembled the fairings and various pieces previously.

Anywho I ended up moving the bike not far by pushing it to another friends home who had many tools. We were planning on piecing it together but in a tragic turn of events he ended taken his own life. So months passed and my friends dad called to ask I wanted the bike and various pieces, he was movingÖ

The bike has made full circle and parked right back at my shop. After reading threads and chatting with peopl I decided to keep the old ignition...
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