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My first ride! Pt 2

Posted April 20th, 2013 at 07:05 PM by sassyninja

Nothing 'bad' came of it so in a sense no harm done! He then started talking about how if your cold or hungry or tired how that can affect how you drive, so i decided seeing how I was a bit cold and hungry we should grab a snack in town. ' Is timmies to cliche?' hahaha apparently it wasnt so had my first timmies break on a motorbike! After our snack we headed back outta town (towards sunlight), it was crazy windy, which made me nervous seeing how Im a light build on a light bike.I was getting bullied by the wind! After about 30 min we pulled over and my partner asked how I felt and if I was ready to go back yet... what is this kid, a mind reader?... Yess I was ready to go home! On the way home bugs started pelting my visor. About 5 mins down road I have to pull over again cause my arms and neck are feeling the affects of now going against the wind ( it isnt fun! ). I complain for a bit and get a few tips about how to hug my tank and duck from the wind. I decided it was time to get back on the road around the same time the bumble bees decided they really like the colour of my bike! After feeling fairly succesfull about out running the bees I can see one in the near distance, all i can think is please dont hit my visor or my beautiful white jacket! It zooms by and I didnt feel/hear any impact, ha ha sucker!! We get home and Im more then happy to come home accident free! As I roll my bike up to my partners bike he asked how I liked the last half of our ride. I said it was fun until I started getting hit by bugs! 'Everytime a bug hit my visor, I jumped, its weird to have them hit you so close to your face! Im stoked about not getting hit by the bees! They'd prob take my head off'. He then tells me about the bee that he saw coming from afar that went inbetween my head and shoulder and smacked him square in the middle of his visor! HA HA! I told him I saw the bee as well and was happy it didnt hit me! So over all... I HAD A F**KING BLAST! Im hooked and if I wasnt stuck at work right now Id be on Sassy exploring the corners! My partner says hes 'created a monster', but really, the monster was always there. Just noone let her out till now.
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