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Sunny & Tyke revisit Pretty Boy Dam

Posted April 19th, 2009 at 10:02 AM by BlueTyke

09-04-18 Pretty Boy Dam

It was a week full of ups and downs and so the only solution for that was a ride. For a while I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to ride today because… I had purchased a seat cover for my Tyke and it was in the process of being installed by Phil. Luckily at 10pm on Friday night he shows me the completed piece! Now the seat looks well and good all on it’s own but really it looks much better on Tyke..

Before: (Port deposit ride)


I am happy with the end result. It would have been perfect if the blue matched but I think it is close enough and it certainly...
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09-08-01 Sunny & Tyke incounter Noche Caliente Pt 1

Posted August 3rd, 2009 at 08:58 AM by BlueTyke

Photos only

Today was a long time coming. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. It turned out the fates agreed. It was time to meet Noche Caliente!

On top of knowing that I knew it was going to be a long day. As it turned out I was right!

Time to get underway 6:00am wake up time to be out the door by 7am. I sprang Tyke from storage the night before and had her buckled down to my civic so I wouldnt have to fight with storage.

The day started out nicely I headed out with little to no traffic. I was doing good on time. When I reached the DC area I realized I had forgotten my phone at home! That was desasterous because I knew I was going to get it in the end as no one could get ahold of me. Never mind the fact that where I was riding there wasn't much signal. Either way. I got a scolding when I got home and told that if I forget my phone again it'll be the couch. So nice to know he cares.

Anyway back on...
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250R Modification List

Posted May 4th, 2011 at 01:27 PM by Cazper
Updated October 14th, 2012 at 10:26 AM by Cazper

I wanted to gather a list of the mods that I've done to my bike and also where I got them and what I paid for them. In addition I wanted to put my "to do" or "wishlist" together so I can decide what to get next! Anyway, here it goes:

Completed Installed Mods:
Michelin Power One Tires 150/60 Rear 110/70 Front - $60 (
Vesrah JL Front Brake Pads - $33.00 (
Spiegler Front Brake Line Kit - $59.95 (
Puig Dark Smoke Double Bubble - $30.00 (
Woodcraft Clipons - $162.00 (
Pazzo Adjustable Shorty Levers - $179.99 (
Pro Grip Art 725 Evo MX Grips - $14.99 (
Sato Racing Long Style Bar Ends - $32.00 (
Proton Flushmount Turn Signals - $84.00 (
Customized AreaP/Dynojet Kit - $97.82 (
K&N R-0990 Universal Rubber...
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DIY: CBR 250 Hugger install on 08+ Ninja 250r

Posted April 25th, 2012 at 09:08 PM by Gorilla25

Could not find any real clear DIY for this mod so here is my attempt at it.

CBR Hugger
10mm Socket
Allen wrench from bike tool kit
Something to cut the plastic (Dremel, Saw, Util. Knife)
Rear Stand (not necessary, but good to have)

Difficulty level (1-5, 5 being hard): 2

1. Put bike on rear stand
2. Remove Passenger pegs, exhaust, stock chain guard.
3. Make necessary modifications (Cut and drill), shown in pictures below
4. Install Hugger
5. Put bike back together.

The last cuts (on the inside where my rear shock is) is not needed if you have the stock rear shock. Instead, you will need to simply notch a clearance for the chain guard guide/holder.

Here is some pics before modification and installation:
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Cuong-Nutz's Ninjer 265cc build

Posted January 17th, 2013 at 05:55 PM by cuong-nutz
Updated January 25th, 2013 at 12:17 AM by cuong-nutz

Well after 20k+ miles, my motor has stopped running. It was getting harder and harder to start at the last track day of the 2012 season. I barely managed to get it to start for the last session of the year.

I later find out that I had low compression, roughly 70 psi in each cylinder doing a dry test. Wet test brought compression way back up. So.... rings aren't sealing. Here's the thread:

I have 2 options. Get a "new" motor or rebuild my current one. I opted to rebuild my current one as it seemed to be cheaper and I didn't want to take any chances with a used motor.

There are no oversized rings for the Ninja 250 so that leaves you with having to bore your block and put in bigger pistons. You have 2 options for pistons: JE Pistons and Wiseco. I opted for Wiseco since they were a $100 cheaper. You can go bigger with a 64mm Piston, but that will require you to resleeve your block....
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What do I carry?

Posted April 27th, 2014 at 12:57 AM by NevadaWolf
Updated August 8th, 2014 at 09:55 AM by NevadaWolf (Adding pictures)

Been asked what I carry for my long distance trips, so thought I would start a list here. My brain thinks "Nose to Tail" so that is the order I'm listing things here. I'll also include what I carry on me as it too goes towards my trips.

This is may everyday carry, which can cover me if I end up with an unexpected overnight somewhere. Typically only ride weekends, so a two day is what I plan for.


GPS: I have a DeLorme PN-60 mounted beside my gauges to show elapsed time, distance, route, or any other location specific data I need. Mounted by a RAM cradle.

Phone: mounted on the dash using a SlipGrip mount, this provides music, directions if routing via Google, weather data, or phone calls.

Tank bag contents:...
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How to lower your bars....

Posted November 16th, 2014 at 08:33 PM by Ghostt
Updated September 2nd, 2015 at 06:05 PM by Ghostt

Okay some of us want to lower the handle bars on our 250s, but don't have a bunch of cash or don't want clip ons.

Well here's a little modification that won't break the bank. First you need to get a set of risers from and early model ZX600, or 1986~1987 Ninja 250 I got my ZX600c risers off eBay for $12.00 shipped, which requires a little modification to fit.

Now you have to grind a small amount off of them so they fit, the end is slightly curved, where ours are straight. Once you've done that, it's and easy swap out the risers.

WARNING: red loc-tite is on the bar bolt, so you might want to heat them up a little bit.

As seen it the pictures below you can see for yourself how much lower they are, just enough, but not too much I think.

I like my the shorter style, but then again I have really long arms, so it's no problem, even more comfortable for me.

It doesn't really effect it too much,...
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Rider aids and skill development

Posted February 3rd, 2016 at 01:24 PM by adouglas

TL;DR: IMHO rider aids (that work as intended) can help you focus on the skills that matter.

A recent thread from a member who's thinking of upgrading from a fairly new 250 to a 300 solely because the latter has ABS got me thinking about rider aids.

The observation was made by those who know first-hand that aids like ABS can actually hinder proper bike control under certain circumstances (threshold braking on the track). Having no experience with an ABS-equipped machine, I'll take that at face value.

Nevertheless, I'm in favor of rider aids in general. The reason is that they alleviate some of the worry associated with screwing up by lessening, or potentially even eliminating, the consequences of rider error. As a result, the rider can focus more on skill development and less on disaster avoidance.

My first exposure to the track was in a car, back in the early 1990s at the now-defunct and sorely missed Bridgehampton circuit on...
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Posted February 14th, 2009 at 09:42 PM by jpnfrk

Funny story is I went to a Kawasaki dealership where I was tempted into getting the 2009 special Monster edition 250 (black and green = super fast?). Anyways, I decided to get on a couple of bikes and being a mere 5'5" I couldn't climb onto most of them (even though they were on their side stands!!). To make a long horror story short, I sat on a 650 and as I attempted to get off it... well it started to fall on the opposite side of it's stand!! To make sure it didn't scratch the bike next to it I placed my hand in between... OUCH!! Luckily I went with a friend and he caught the bike before a domino effect took a couple of them down!!
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Mods and some randomness

Posted February 15th, 2009 at 08:52 AM by jpnfrk
Updated February 17th, 2009 at 07:19 AM by jpnfrk

EDIT: ============================
Woke up mega early today and headed over to the DMV to get the license plate along with the title transfer. Need coffee...

Right after, I called CPCC (they're about 20min away) today and they said they were booked until March 13th!! F-that, I'm driving to another community college that is about an hour away... because I want to RIDE!! And thus the class is this weekend... phew!!

To Do List:

1. Decide on the kanji symbol I want to put on each side of the tank. For now the ones I'm considering are 'cute', 'seductive', 'mischief' and 'sexy'... couldn't find a kanji for 'lovely' boohoo.

2. Install the Japanses symbol/s.

3. Get estimates to get the rims (and the exhaust?) painted black.

4. Either have a pro do the rims (lotsa moolah?) or DIY them with some high-heat engine paint... and if that's the case then...
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