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The In Between

Posted February 25th, 2013 at 11:01 AM by BlueTyke

(I have flickr, just not to sure how to use it just yet, so if you want to go just to the photos without commentary you can go there... Flickr )

Hi! It's been a long time! A long time off two wheels that's for sure. No accidents to report, thankfully, just a bit of stupidity! It is my fault really. I was used to the CA winters where you don't have to do anything to your bike but ride it all year round... Yeah... About that snow in Maryland... You can keep it! So I didn't know about winterizing the bike and I left the gas on... and the gas turned bad and gummed the carbs pretty bad... At that point it was me waiting for my fiancee to fix it and me to have the desire to nag him about it.

Life did move on in this time. A lot of bad things in 2010 happened, we lived, learned, and moved on.. 2011 brought around an engagement! Boyfriend graduated to Fiancee. I have the ring to prove it! Also picked up more on the Photography. Graduating from a Nikon D40 to a Cannon 60D. Still have no clue on how to do a lot of it. The technical stuff goes in one ear and out the other it seems. We did go photo crazy. Made many trips a lot of places on the weekends. Went up to Boston, Salem, NYC, even down to FL, Washington D.C. and all along in between. In 2012 not only were we traveling to the states around us, doing some night time photography, but we also put a healthy foot forward. Fiancee went on to loose 100+lbs and quit smoking! So proud of him. I lost about 30lbs and do my leathers fit better now! While I do have lots of photos I am proud of there are MANY. ... Alright here are a few! Then the photos I'll put up here are recent, 2013, when the Fiancee and I decided to move back to California. We traveled south and stopped in at the Petrified Forest National Park and the Grand Canyon.

A Heron at night at Swallow Falls, MD

IMG_8168 by SunnyStrings, on Flickr

Key Bridge, Baltimore MD, night time

IMG_0440 by SunnyStrings, on Flickr

Again I do have a lot of photos but most of them go up on Facebook and not Flickr... Becaue I don't pay for it Flickr is limited for me. So I only post there a few times.

Painted Desert, AZ

Painted Desert Pano 1st Stop - smaller by SunnyStrings, on Flickr

For those of you wondering, yes I do edit my photos in Photoshop. Mostly I just mess with the curves and sometimes the photo filter. I also usually re-size them as my camera takes large photos. To give you an idea of what I do...

Here is a before and after photo in the Painted Desert. It was a little hazy when we were there so the pictures weren't coming out as crisp. This is just a little tweaking with the Curves adjustment in Photoshop

IMG_6494 Before and After Editing by SunnyStrings, on Flickr

I happen to like the new version.

On to the Grand Canyon!

Desert View Point

Desert View by SunnyStrings, on Flickr

Colorado River

Colorado River by SunnyStrings, on Flickr

Sunset at Mathis Point

Grand Canyon Pan5 - Mathis Point Sunset Smaller by SunnyStrings, on Flickr

Sunset at Mathis Point by SunnyStrings, on Flickr

Sunset from the Fiancee's Lens, not sure why but this one fascinates me

Sunset in lens by SunnyStrings, on Flickr

Hope you enjoyed! The In Between! I took the bike out yesterday and was able to get her running right! Now i just need some tires and I'll be good to be back on the road again!
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    Glad you're back, BlueTyke!
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