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Mean Green 250 flipper Project

Posted March 1st, 2013 at 11:48 AM by cuong-nutz
Updated March 2nd, 2013 at 05:39 PM by cuong-nutz

I bought a 2008 Ninja 250 with 1488 miles on it. Known history given to my by owner:
Originally owned by a lady
Dropped on right side-cracked farings, tweaked fairing stay.
Sat in storage for 2 years.
Next buyer tried to get it running with no luck. Said he had to use starter fluid to get it started and when it did, it ran really rough and died. Also said exhaust would "pop" ocassionally which worried him. He did not have time nor space to work on the bike and so I bought it from him.

I found why bike wouldn't start. Idle mixture screws where not set properly. It had a torn diaphram. idle circuit jets were clogged.

I replaced the torn diaphram with an Ebay aftermarket one. I am probably the first person to document such a thing since most people previously would have bought a used carb and hoped to have two good diaphragms to use.

So I cleaned and primed the carbs. It fired right up but it would bog if I would give it gas. It ran great past 3k rpms though. Adjusted the mixture screws to see if it changed the bogging issues but it didn't. So I guessed the idle jets were still gummed up. Changed the oil and filter. Degreased the front and rear tires since the tread was coated with a nice slick film of oily substance. Perhaps tire shine? Bike was spewing out blue smoke so I was burning oil. Oil was either getting past the valve seals or the rings weren't seating properly. Doesn't make any sense since the bike has less than 1500 miles on it. Perhaps the original owner didn't break in the bike properly? Compression test revealed really low compression Roughly 70 psi. Maybe my compression tester is faulty. Spark plugs were fouled so I replaced it with fresh ones. My guess was that maybe the rings were stuck.

I Filled up with a fresh tank of gas and poured in some seafoam. I ran the bike hard punching it through the gears as well as a whole lot of engine braking. The low throttle engine bogging cleared up and the blue smoke disappeared. Currently on the second tank of gas and it looks like I need to readjust the mixture screws again to fine tune the low end. I cannot account for gas mileage yet until I finish this tank of gas.

I'll need to order some new rubber well nuts for the fairings and readjust the chain slack. Then the bike should be ready for new owner.

Here's a pic of it after I got home from school on it's first test run with the bike back together.

update 3-2-13:

Well, pulled the plugs and they okay, just slight fouling. Compression test revealed low results as before so I did a wet test. Very big jump. Looks like improper break-in and the rings didn't seat. That or they're stuck or walls or glazed over.
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