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Getting Things in the Mail

Posted October 19th, 2021 at 11:36 PM by JayVapes

Ive been thinking about what to do with my exhaust. one side has some light scratching and the other side has a heavy dent from swing arm from when the previous owner dropped it. Honestly when I first got this bike, I thought the owner had dropped it slightly but as I dive in and take things apart, I see all these odd things that they did to it and think about how hard he dropped it and hoe many times it did flips, jk. I find myself dreaming about my next bike and finding things that are more silly. I received a couple of oem levers in the mail today and I mocked them up on the old handle bars, and I had a lot memories come whooshing back when I would take the back roads in south Texas on my way to Corpus Christi. I ordered a couple other levers from another user on here named JJMAINE, I hope one day to make ride from Texas to Maine. The new aftermarket Levers are CRG levers, theyre adjustable and seem to be two or three finger levers, I'm not sure which ones I will put on the bike but it will be good to have both in my opinion. I ordered some grips that I think are coming from china and also a new gen rear shock absorber from another member on here named Dannoxyz I think. I'm hoping they both pull through for me. I also just ordered a new set of fork seals to go with fork oil ive been holding on to. it seems ill need to be doing a bit of research on it soon to make sure I know the procedure properly. I have a road trip soon and thats probably when ill read up on it. However i need to find out what fork seal tool kit I should purchase since ive never done fork seals before so i dont own the tools.

Recently I received my cyanoacrylate from BRODAK for the cracks on my bike, I cleaned up the lower cowl fairing today with soap and water and will probably clean it up again tomorrow before I apply some Brodak Gap Filling Medium Inta-Cure+ in the large cracks then some Brodak Extra Thick Maxi-Cure in the smaller cracks.

I also receieved several sheets of abs and abs cement in order to make some of the mounts on the side fairings. one is missing the nipple, the other is missing the shaft, and one is comepletely missing. so for the nipple formation I just receieved a product called plastiFix by a company called Polyvance, It comes with a moldable bar that you have to warm up and place on the shape youre trying to recreate, in this case a mounting point, bracket. it comes with a powder and a liquid when combine create a reaction and form some type of polymer. The kit does come with some other aplicator tools to make it easier such as an applicating needle and some cups to hold a small amount of powder. Never done it before but I have high hopes.
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