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    My 2010 Ninja 250 Winter Project

    UPDATE 15/12/14

    So On Sat afternoon I was able to get a few things done.

    First of all i set up my new Warrior Front and Rear Paddock stands which i got off Ebay for 40/$62 Inc Delivery. They were so simple to set up and seemed to be of good quality.

    After Proping my bike up I Stripped her down and began to clean/lubricate the chain. My Chain brush didn't arrive on time so i used kitchen roll and toothbrushes to get the worst of it. I was using the WURTH cleaner and the dry lubricant, the cleaner didnt seem to get the dirt off of the rear sprocket which was annoying, but it got the worst of it off of the chain. Its not 100% clean but it will do, I will re-do this come summertime.

    Next on the agenda was to replace the stock air filter with my K&N Air Filter, relatively simple to do except it was so damn cold it was impossible to apply grease out of the tiny tube they give you in the kit around the lip of the filter lol.

    Next I fitted my power commander 5, this was a bit daunting to me as im a beginner when it comes to bike maintenance/electrics, i printed instructions from the wiki, and had the box instructions too.
    What a job it was taking the Fuel Injection connectors out and the throttle positioning sensor took effort too, had to move the fluid tank out the way to get to it. But i got the job done! The PC5 lit up when the bike started and everything sounded normal, the bike cut out at first when i twisted the throttle but im assuming thats because its been in a freezing garage for close to 2 months without the fuel tank connected.

    Also, the indicator stuck on solid problem is now fixed, when i reconnected the fuel tank, the indicators then flashed as they should, go figure!

    Next is to fit the Areap full 12'' standard system after christmas

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