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My Journey Down the Motorcycle Pathway...So Far

Posted September 16th, 2010 at 10:57 PM by bman

I decided to write a bit about myself and my journey so far. I will start out in saying that I am a 26 male who is going through a divorce so things are crazy but it is all good. Here recently my best bud and I were talking about how much we have been wanting motorcycles for the past several years and just not gotten around to doing it. And that is where the journey starts my friends. About 2 months ago were were driving around with his wife and just kinda hanging out when we decide to go to the Harley Dealership to look around...well what happens my friend buys one..a used 2008 Sportster Low. I just roll my eyes at this for I knew I wasn't wanting a Harley at least at this time.

A week then goes by and we decide to take the MSF Motorcycle Course since in the state of Illinois it is state funded and is only a 20.00 deposit. During this whole time I am doing research and looking around at the sport bikes when my eyes were laid upon the beauty of the Ninja 250 *heavenly music sounds and light shines on the beauty*. At that point even though I had set myself up to go with a cruiser style I knew what I wanted and nothing would persuade me from that course of action. I also found this lovely forum and some others..less friendly forums and have been lurking about.

This all leads us up to the weekend of Sept 3,4, and 5h when we go to take the Safety Class. I was really nervous for I had never drove a motorcycle and only rode on back once or twice in the past. The Friday night was a lot of signing waivers and forms and then getting into a good chunk of the book, all stuff I already knew from this forum and reading the book "Proficent Motorcycling" by David L. Hough.

The next day dawns nice and early for those of us that make it back to the class the next day. We get to meet our lil 125's for the day and get a quick low down of how it is going to work. We start out doing the normal friction zone exercise and going from there..when we were told "ride down the end of your lane" 'gulp' was what I did for this was the moment.....wooo that was fun.. I was hooked from then on. I did end up having some small issues with stalling and finding neutral but that was quickly solved by the end of the day. The riding was mingled with bits of class time to give us breaks as well as a pretty long lunch time. I go home that night happy and excited about the whole process, though I still didn't think I would pass the class.

Next day was another early riser but this would be the day everything was wrapped up and tested so I was excited and nervous all at the same time. We got to ride some Yamaha 200's this day and went over more info and quite a bit more riding. My friend was having troubles with his instructors for his "range" and at the end of the day he blamed his not passing on them, his wife passed but barely and what did I do.. I PASSED.. with nothing wrong on the written and only a -1 on the riding skills because I was off by like 5 mph on the curve. Wow it was a rush.. I was excited.. it was awesome.

Now I am awaiting my new job to start so that I can get my own lil beauty to ride. One way or another my dad (who was really proud and surprised that I took the course) said I will get one even if he has to help me.. but I have to have the money coming in to get it. So hopefully in about another month I will be riding my Ninja, although it will mostly likely be a used one and hopefully a color I like. I can't wait and will keep posting my Journey down the Motorcycle Path.
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    have fun on your journey and ATGATT.
    Posted September 16th, 2010 at 11:50 PM by kkim kkim is offline

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    Alex's Avatar
    Posted September 19th, 2010 at 10:17 AM by Alex Alex is offline
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    bman's Avatar
    Thanks and definitely ATGATT! Is one reason will take me a lil while longer to get a motorcycle, I do not want to get one without getting all the gear. I do not want the temptation of riding without it.
    Posted September 20th, 2010 at 09:31 AM by bman bman is offline

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