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Alright....been done....

Posted August 31st, 2010 at 06:48 AM by meeshee

So I passed my MSF course. Yea! Got 100% on the written test and -7 on the riding test....only cause I'm a should have only been -3 but my stupid self did something I'll get to that in a minute.

Anyway. I wasn't worried about the book part of the testing...I knew I had that. I have read everything and watched everything I could about riding. As for the riding part.....

Well, day 1 of riding was just intense! My instructor was in a hurry because he had somewhere to be. Our class was supposed to be 1-6. It ended up being 1-4:45. He taught us everything we were supposed to learn that day....but in a quick crammed sort of way.

Then I ended up getting my bike stolen 1/2 way through the class. Another girl decided she liked my bike better (I guess) and took it. Now I'm one of those...don't rock the boat kind of I was just gonna take her bike....bad idea! The clutch needed serious adjusting!! My hand was almost all the way out just to get in the friction zone....which made it EXTREMELY difficult to find the friction zone when it was so close to having the clutch fully extended! But I worked with it the best I could and just prayed to get through it.....

It was also about 90* or so outside....on that 2-3 acres of just pavement. lol Felt like 120* at least! Instructor in hurry also meant not many drink breaks....we just kept drilling.....

The next day I prayed I wouldn't have the same bike. Lucky for me...when I got there....someone had dumped that bike and it had to be I got a different one. YEAH!

I was very worried about this day....I cried the previous day after class....cried at home....pretty much sure that I had been beat. I wasn't going to be able to ride a bike and I just was trying to face the music.

The day started out roughly the same.....we did more practices on things....didn't really re-cap what we did the day before. And it was hot as all get out! Another burning day....after riding for a while and convincing our instructor to give us a water break, I looked like I had peed my pants! It was through the training and he said we had a maximum of 20 min. to practice everything. If he felt we were doing good enough....he would shorten that time.

So, we practiced the stuff we would be tested on....a whole 10min. lol Mind you, I finally made the U-Turn for the 1st time when he said...ok....enough practice....time to TEST. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Needless to say....I passed. I went outside the box a little on the U-turn when I was coming back from the right side turn....right side sux! Then did great through the swerve.....did great on the cornering.....then quick stop.....I had done great on this all weekend. Never been a problem to me. For some reason...I let my nerves get the better of me....I went down, crossed the line, hit the brakes, downshifted, and for some STUPID reason....I thought I was stopped....but I wasn't "fully" stopped...I took my foot off the rear brake. What the hell did i do that for????

After he sat and questioned me as to why I did that......and I couldn't give a reason.....he told me good job and let me go. So I missed 3pts. for the U-turn and 4pts. for the stupid mistake at the end!!! Grrrr.......should have only been 3! Oh well...

Now to build up courage and hit the open road.......eventually.......
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    great job girl! all in all, you passed...thats the important part. ya seems we all failed to mention how hot it can possibly get out there in the scorching heat with the helmet on and the long sleeves. yuck! but yay, you passed!
    Posted August 31st, 2010 at 12:25 PM by Blackwidow Blackwidow is offline

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    rceezy's Avatar
    Congrats on passing!
    Posted September 8th, 2010 at 01:57 PM by rceezy rceezy is offline

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