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My Signature

Posted July 8th, 2015 at 10:54 AM by InvisiBill

I've had a few people contact me about my signature. To avoid repeating things, I'm going to put an explanation here.

Here's the part of my sig that gets people:
*** <NAME>, I'm not your mom and I'm not paying for your parts, so do whatever you want with your own bike. ***

I intentionally used a bit of trolling to catch the reader's eye. I'm not targeting you specifically, I'm targeting [you]. When you're reading it, I don't even know who you are, but it sure stands out when you see your own name, doesn't it?

A number of people seem to take offense at the rest of the statement. If you're offended by the statement, you don't understand it. I'm simply saying that I'm not in charge of you or your money, so you have no obligation to heed any of the advice I give (just like I'm not obligated to heed the advice of anyone else). When I'm your legal guardian or sponsoring your bike, then I'll expect you to do what I say. Until then, you're free to do as you wish.

I generally think my ideas are pretty good. There are times when I've discovered that some of my ideas weren't as good as I thought, and sometimes others' ideas are better than my own. Sometimes I choose to do things in a way that is less than perfect (when limited by factors like time, cost, availability, etc.) but I always try to come up with the best solution for the current problem in the current situation. There definitely may be a better solution in a slightly different situation, but I always aim for what I consider to be the best way to handle a problem. I think my way is the best way to take care of your issue or I wouldn't have said it, but you may interpret the situation differently or someone else may have another option that works just as well.

I believe a number of people around here respect my opinion. However, even if you happen to think I'm the smartest, greatest guy on the internet, I don't want you to do something just because I say to. If you choose to do something I suggest, I want it to be because you understand and agree with my rationale and think it's the best way to proceed, not just because it was something that came from my mouth. Rather than just accepting what I say as the right answer, I want you to see why I think that's the right answer and how I got there. Hopefully that will help you to find your own right answers in the future.

I also want to see others' answers and how they got there. Seeing something from a different perspective can point out flaws in my own thinking, and allow me to improve the process. With everyone working together, I really do think that we all benefit a lot more, a lot faster. We can help point out the deficiencies and figure out how to get around them. We can embrace the strong ideas and avoid wasting time reinventing the wheel. Every minute spent figuring out something that somebody else already knows is a minute that's not spent figuring out new, undiscovered things.

But at the end of the day, I'm not your mom and I'm not paying for your parts, so do whatever you want with your own bike.
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