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Ninja EX250J to EX250K FI Conversion

Hey Guys, I am from Adelaide which in Australia, first time posting on any of the forums, sorry if there already has been a post about this somewhere on this forum, but I couldn't find it.

Here we go, I have bought a myself a black 2012 Ninja 250R Carby with a blown tyre and not running for a bargain. I since then have replaced all wheel bearings, got the rims sandblasted and powder coated red. Bought a new drive chain and with some advise from this forum bought new 14/47 Sprockets and got it running. I also bought a two brothers exhaust for it, some sick RGB LEDs, modified intake box and at some stage later I want to Turbo it.

But for now my next stage is converting to fuel injection using the wiring loom and throttle bodies from a European 250 (EX250K). I have been studying the diagrams of both K and J models right next to each other, and have a few questions that I was hoping you guys will be able to help me out with!

1) I have noticed that K model runs a bigger alternator and has a different ignition timing will this be problem?
2) To make fuel injection system work I will need a to change a few things:
Coils, Wiring Loom + ECU, Fuel Pump, weld O2 sensor and Temp. Sensor. <-- Is there anything that I am missing before I do go out and import wiring loom and throttle bodies from England?

Thanks guys for all of your help!
BTW really love this forum.
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