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DIY Leather Repair

I have a pair of AGVSport Willow leather pants Iíve had since 2011 when I started riding. Over the years, the Velcro on the waist closure began tearing away from the leather strap. I meant to send it off to get repaired, but our ďlocalĒ leather repair lady has crossed the pond for a indefinite amount of time. My lady acquired a sewing machine a couple weeks ago and the idea of fixing my pants myself was born. Things Iíve learned so far? I recommend buying some scrap leather to practice. You need an appropriate needle and thread. In this case I used a 90/14 needle and bonded nylon thread acquired from Hobby Lobby. I also found the needed 1Ē hook and loop tape there. Learn the process on the scrap before working on your gear. Other important things... read the instructions and watch videos on the sewing machine if available. Even when you think you have it right, you may not. Also, sticky hook and loop tape isnít going to work with the sewing machine. I used isopropyl alcohol to remove the adhesive so the stitching would run normal without it gumming up. My repair isnít as pretty as factory, but itíll work for my first attempt. Iíll still need to look to a professional to reattach the strap to the pants as the machine we have canít handle doubled up leather.

If you have the option to learn and DIY, itís worth a shot. If itís your only gear, it may not be worth a mistake. In my case, they are a decade old and I have other gear to choose from. Iím looking forward to a few more years in this two piece suit.
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