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Originally Posted by jrshooter View Post
i dont know how much of this will pertain to you but maybe.
disclaimer- i race at the lowest level of club racing so all my info could be wrong,
the biggest leap i made in lowering my track times had to do with vision and mind set.
i lost 9 seconds a lap in one day to only changing these two things.
the info ill pass onto you you would have heard already, as i had already had heard
I took a one race school put on by one of our track day providers,there was not a lot of technique taught but a lot on vision and mind set that was taught.
I will explain in simplest terms first and then what i brought out of it.
first on vision. i thought i was looking way in front of the motorcycle but what i was doing was looking mabe 1/2 the way to my next mark, i could see my next mark in my perifiry but only focused about 1/2 way. this made it easy for me to settle on speed that was not full throttle. when my laser focus shifted to my next mark way up there all of a sudden i wanted to be was where i was focused at and i wanted there NOW. now im full throttle between turns and cant get up there fast enough. Dave stanton told me when the right wrist rolls back the head goes up, he said picture a rope connected to your wrist to your head. I fool you not i went from a 2.20 to a 2.11 lap time in one day.
bonus i had a few fears commiting to this. when i tipped in and was happy with speed and direction and knew i was going to hit the apex it was hard for me to raise my vision i wanted to watch the bike all the way to the apex before i raised my eyes. the sooner i raise my eyes the sooner i want to be there.
hope this helps.

This is similar to what I have been working on to remedy the problem. Its not that I am just staring at the huge rock wall with jersey barriers in front and a tire wall between my soft tissue and their hard surface, its just always in the back of my mind. Since this was the first season where I was actually able to run the track properly with me and the bike working as a team, I just began to experience this issue. Since most of my life has been street riding, have not had tons of experience running a liter bike at full throttle in top gear. Once things get into triple digits I am used to backing off on the street. I know what I have to do to correct this problem-just keep the bike pinned longer.
Thank you for the write up, your suggestion and description are extremely helpful and I hope it will help others who may have the same issue
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