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Originally Posted by CC Cowboy View Post
When you are following someone you are probably watching their bike not their reference makers. Try identifying their reference points. Then memorize the track so you can close your eyes and do a lap in your mind using each reference point. This should help you when you are not following someone.
@CC Cowboy,
You are correct, when following a faster rider, I always use all my reference markers as they still work at the faster pace. I am still far from 99% braking or carrying max speed thru turn. Since I just finally made a break thru this season a lot of these things are still unchanged since I just started to get comfortable running at the faster pace. When following a faster rider, I use my reference but I might brake just slightly late. The only thing I see as different is that I dont have to think as much to set entry speed, I just match the faster rider.

I will look at their markers this season and see if I can use them to my advantage.

Thanks for the plan!

PS I live in Worcester Mass area and have 2 Ducatis--Should you be in the neighborhood and want to go for a ride
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