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Headlights matter...

So, when I do track days on my 'combo' bikes (street+track) like Saturn, I pull the fuses to make sure my tape doesn't melt onto the lights.

After I fixed Saturn up earlier this year I realized there were some issues that are "past my pay grade" (my aftermarket dash was psychotic, I needed new tires and I don't have a mounter) so I took it to the shop and mentioned if they could finish converting back for street while they were at it. I guess they forgot and I didn't think to check...

Rode to work in the daylight... Started riding home around twilight and had an 'oh ****' moment. I pulled over to verify the problem and I saw a biker go by and glance at me distinctively. Once I realized there was nothing I could do until I got home I decided to just ride as defensively as possible, ride my brakes (at least that light was working) a bit, and once I got past the bridge to ride on the shoulder. About a 1/4 mile down the road I saw the biker from earlier and he must've realized my issue when I pulled over because he fell in behind me and escorted me home.

Teaches me to not check that stuff before heading to work!
"most folks racing this bike get it in a competitive state of being with much less invested than you've already put in Saturn." - Alex
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