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Originally Posted by SibSerge View Post
Thank you gentlemen , thats good to hear. At first I freaked out but then looking at them calmed down a bit . I bet the screen has never been taken off before. Most likely some of the crap is there from day one. It takes more time to take the screen cover on ZZR as it also works as a holder for a fairing bracket. Given how mechanically negligent some of the previous owners were I would not expect them to go as far as taking the screen off. We will see how she runs on the road in Spring.
When I pulled my screen off, there was a lot of engine sealant in the filter. Kinda freaked me out but I found out that this is pretty normal on older bikes and that the previous owners likely hadn't cleaned it off. Bike runs fine and hasn't had an issue with cross-leakage.

Unless you're seeing a lot of metal long after the initial break-in period has passed, a little bit of metal is normal (especially if you live in an area where the temperature varies significantly or if you ride through multiple micro-climates reguarly, like in California)
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