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Originally Posted by kdogg2077 View Post
I came across this article on Rideapart and I thought I would share. The article contains statistics on the most common motorcycle injuries according to a few studies that were done. These might be good things to consider as you buy gear.

The most common motorcycle accident bone breaks are to the: tibia, fibula, femur, radius, ulna, and humerous. The legs are especially vulnerable.

I gotta say I was surprised that breaks to the hip, wrist and ankle were not more common.

So, when it comes to gear:

- calf high boots with armor that covers the tibia/ fibula is important.

- Hip armor which extends down the thigh is the only thing I could think of to protect the femur.

- Long elbow pads that extend down the forearm and gloves with guantlets should protect the radius/ulna.

- Not sure about the humerous, good should pads and thick leather I suppose.

Something to keep in mind when I go to put on my kevlar jeans with no armor
Legs are the most common cause that's where cars like to smash into bikers.
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