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Alpinestars or Dainese?

I have come to a split in my path. There are two roads to choose from, but I will only choose one.

So I am going to buy a new Jacket.

Here are the two contenders:


Both are the same price.

What I like about the A-stars:

-Completely blacked out, no loud logos.
It is something that I can take to the office and hang on my chair with out drawing too much attention. It is also something that I can wear while running errands on my motorcycle, again without drawing too much attention. Something I can also take on a date, if I can ever convince the wife to 2-up with me, again, no loud logos. I can even use this jacket as my "winter"" jacket. I can even use it when I am not riding my motorcycle and just trying to stay warm while being out.

-Highly Perforated.
If you are familiar with the weather where I live. It is HOT. You don't know HOT until you have lived here. (Just comparing within the United States) I can keep the jacket on while inside the store or where ever I am at without roasting inside the jacket. When winter comes around, a simple layer underneath takes care of keeping me warm.

I might have to spend extra $$$ on upgrading armor.

What I like about the Dianese:
-Confidence inspiring protection.
I tried one on one time and the jacket just hugged me and inspired me to just get on my bike and go for a ride. That forearm protection just speaks out to me: "I got you bro." in case of a fall.

-CE certified armor.
It already comes with it, no need to upgrade every piece of armor. Just the back armor.

-This jacket will be closer to my size. The A-star jacket might run 1 size up from my actual size.

Not sure I would take this jacket to a date or errands.

Any suggestions or any feedback from experience welcome.
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