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Ah, cool.

Your next time at the track, let's focus on these 2 items as they are fundamental skills that many other skills are built upon.

2. The timing of your looking and turning is off, keep your eyes at least one step ahead. Look before you turn.
Honestly I don't even remember what I am looking at, I think I'm suppose to look at the brake marker then the apex cones.

3. You're missing your apexes every now and then because of #2 but mostly because your tip in points are different lap per lap (points will give you consistency )
I kept changing my tip in points to try to find something that was perfect, but throttle/lean angle/body position changes everything every time.
Homework.... Get a copy of the Twist Of The Wrist 2 (TOTW2) and read it. There is also a video version of the book that is available. Honestly, I watch the video more than read the book, but both are very worthy of your time invested. Don't worry about not being able to put all the information into practice right away either. If it were that easy, we all would be motogp camps. lol

Assuming your throttle control is good... if not start there. In the material, you will find 3 chapters concerning vision. Directly related to my comments is found in chapter 23, the two step drill. The two step drill trains you on WHAT to look at and WHEN to look at it. Don't worry, 3 chapters is only like 10 or so pages. It's a quick read.

The other section related to my comments is chapter 18, steering. How quick, how much and where... Per your current riding, start with the "where" part. Once you know where to turn, you can then set a brake marker based of that turn point.

And lemme add one more specific note since you are actively searching for workable lines. Through any corner there are multiple good lines. When you pick a turn in point and give it a try, how do know it's a good line? What can you use to judge it?
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