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Originally Posted by Supernam View Post
Good thread to read.

It is basically saying to do a quick flick smoothly to hit apex then throttle on to stand the bike up. I am not sure this applies to track riding.
Sure it does. Why wouldn't it?

Re when you roll on the throttle... from the TOTW2 book (and it's also quoted in the video):

"As soon as possible. You get the gas on at the earliest possible
moment in a corner. This does not mean at the apex, right before the apex or right after the apex or at any particular part of the turn, it means as soon as possible."
Remember the "traction pie" or "traction budget" idea. Your tires have only so much traction, which is distributed between acceleration, braking and cornering. If you're at max lean, most or all of your available traction is being used to corner. That means if you whack the throttle on at that moment, you will exceed traction limits and the tire will give up.

The sooner you can reduce those cornering forces, the sooner you can get on the throttle because you'll free up some of your traction budget that you can then use for acceleration.

When you quick flick, you're at max lean for less time. Therefore you can get on the throttle sooner and get a better drive out of the corner. Absolutely applicable to track riding.

Seriously... just buy the book and the video. Read/watch repeatedly. It won't sink in the first time, or even the first five times.
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