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Originally Posted by adouglas View Post
Zero is exactly who I had in mind. They're ALMOST there... but they don't make a bike I'd want to buy. Not yet, anyway. Don't like the styling or the ergos. Or the weight. I nearly popped a charley horse lifting a Zero off its kickstand at the motorcycle show.

And certainly not when bikes like the Ninja 400 are here.

I'm a pretty good candidate for an electric bike, I think. I like simplicity and using the right tool for the job. Outside of track riding, the vast majority of my mileage is commuting: 20 miles one way, and I can finagle access to a 110V outlet where I park at work if I have to. Practicality and economics play a large role in big purchase decisions, more than emotion and desire. I'm not hesitant to spend money when the time is right, but I think about stuff for a very long time -- years, sometimes -- before pulling the trigger.

E-bike in my future? EV or hybrid to replace my car? Maybe, if they get the cost/benefit balance right. Nobody's done it quite yet.
Zero FX

top speed 85 MPH
Peak torque 78 ft-lb
Curb weight 247 lb

City 46 miles
Highway@70 mph 19 miles


a modular battery

looks very close to what would work for you

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