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that is an option... as that is what I put in it when I got home and found the reservoir completely empty.... and it has not gone down much even with all the bleeding I have done....
the way I understand it brake fluid is supposed to be void of oxygen...for a reason... oxygen compresses. you don't want that but the types of fluid do definitely matter as some fluids will eat the o rings right out of a brake system
in a few minutes flat ! many brake fluids are NOT backwards compatible
it's the same with transmission fluid ...just put dextron in a ford transmission to see the results.... their both automatic transmission fluids but the idiots made the seals react to the competitors fluids of choice.... such dirty and underhanded tactics were all over ford and chevy back in the day now they work together to screw you.... and you have no idea what they've done behind closed doors ! that's why I drive foreign make cars !
a new seal kit costs $16.00 for the Triumphs rear master cylinder ...( all that is is the O rings and cups. no check valve or piston.)
which isn't bad but they sell the internal workings as a new cylinder that is $98.00.... or a completely new one for $208.00 bracket and all and it's Stainless steel...
so if it's scored at all you just as well buy a new one.
because an honest to god Kit doesn't exist !

my options are limited, but I really don't think the master cylinder is as good as dead yet... I took a wild gamble by putting dot 5 brake fluid in it... but there are NO leaks and it's had plenty of time to eat the o rings if it was going to so I think I am safe there....
i'll see what the vacuum tool does for me and go from there...
i expect it to build up alot of pressure and do nothing... and if it does that I'll take the entire unit off ... and tear it apart.
....the PO replaced the rear brake line last year and he just put on a front brake line about a week before I bought it.... I don't think the rear brake has worked sense if you want the truth... there are new pads front and rear as well... he couldn't start it so he couldn't ride it so it was time to sell it .
I got it started at his place but only barely the slipping clutch made that real hard !
Its too late when you've gone too far !
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