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Military is biggest user of DOT-5 silicone fluid for its high-temp operating limits and durability (doesn't absorb water). Can go for 5-yrs between changes easily. However, it's not compatible with DOT-3/4 fluid. So entire system needs to flushed and completely rinsed out with alcohol before DOT-5 can be used. Much easier to install on systems that specify DOT-5 as factory fill.

Nowadays, there's DOT-5.1 which is compatible with DOT-3/4. Although benefits of DOT-4/5.1 will be lost on this bike, but you'll get all disadvantages anyway. Primary benefit of 4/5.1 is higher boiling point. Beneficial for track bikes that see constant maximum braking many times per minute for hours on end. If you're not experiencing brake-fade on regular basis, you won't notice difference going to DOT-4/5.1 fluid.

However, those are even more hygroscopic than DOT-3, meaning they'll absorb water-vapour out of air even faster than DOT-3. Meaning yearly fluid change is mandatory. I change DOT-4 on my race-bike at beginning and end of each season (2x per year). Stay with DOT-3 unless you're racing bike and/or have yearly fluid-change schedule.
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