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Originally Posted by Snake View Post
Very interesting idea. I'm very curious as well to find out if it's been done before.
My XV750 is a V-twin with the 2 carbs originally stuck between the two cylinders(one facing toward the front cylinder and one facing to the rear cylinder). The carbs are actually a bigger pain-in-the-a$$ to get out and to tune than the Ninja carbs are and that's saying something.

The dual carb to single mods use a steel manifold and move the single carb near your right knee, out from between the cylinders. Very nice setup.

Easy to get to, better air flow to the cylinders, easy to jet, easy to troubleshoot. I use one of the two original Yamaha Mikuni carbs as a single. Needs larger jetting, but works great!

Harley-Davidson has been using 1 carb for over 100 years...
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