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To any posters and any of my friends around here.

I know that I must sound like a broken record when I post my views. In truth, I would not have the great bike that I do without the help of many around here.

I am NOT a bike racer, a mechanic or even a great rider. BUT, I have learned one very valuable lesson in my years on this planet. The easier, less complicated and simple I make my life, the easier life becomes!

I'm sure that you guys must get tired of hearing it, but it rules everything in my life today. I make sure that I follow this philosophy in all aspects of my daily routine.

If I can make my life less complicated, then I try to do that. If I see a way to simplify the way my motorcycle works, I get excited. If I see a way to make my little pickup less complicated, I do. I see all aspects of my life in this philosophy, including diet, finance, what I own, what I find exciting, how I travel, what my personal goals are.

So, try not to let my views irritate you. I am only concerned about what works for me. You are free to do the same. That is what life is all about, FREE WILL, in other words, CHOICE.

Peace and thanks for listening to an old man's ravings.
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