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Exclamation Where to buy valve stems?

Hey ya'll!

So I bought my first Ninja 250 a while ago with my original post being here ""

But I have run into a *slight* issue, that mainly being one of my valve stems on the exhaust side is completely destroyed.

Photos of this are on my google drive, its easier to share.

The photos above should do it justice but checking everything else including the transmission and carbs I actually have a pretty decent build. I am going to be buying the proper tools in order to install the valve stems but where do I buy them? eBay is kind of sketchy with most of the sellers since they all sell their own version of parts and I don't know who to trust.

This is one contender
along with this Which seems even more scary.

Besides the valve stems, I also am checking the side-to-side play of the piston shafts, since I know that can be an issue with a bike with 30,000 miles on it. But I can't find the specifications on any manuals online or even with my Cyclepedia manual either. If anyone knows do let me know here.

*PS I have been using a freaking penny to clean off the carbon deposits off of the piston heads, works surprisingly well. No gouges!
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