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Originally Posted by geeker View Post
If it follows the trend of the Ninja 300, I remember getting mine in October 2012 and it was the first one through the dealer, perhaps the state. It was announced in the spring of 2012 I think. I’m not sure where an August announcement will land one in a showroom. Let me say I’m sorry you have those issues to endure. Having said that, As much as it is fantastic to have a brand new bike, I’d focus on finding a used ride for less cash. Scratches the same itch until your situation improves.
Thanks. Despite my situation I have used bikes that are in various states of disrepair and disassembly… including the old 2008 250. I would’ve put in the time, money, and energy to do something with them if I could reliably get to them… but I can’t without transportation and I don’t want to add to that quagmire with another bike that might need work. The plan is to get the bike I’ve wanted and ride that while I get at least one backup bike running then sell the extra stuff (engines, parts, etc).

The new 2008 250 was my only transportation for years. It was cheaper than a new car and more reliable than pretty much anything used in the same price range. It let me move cross country and save up for my new 2011 Corolla, which worked out beautifully. The ZX-4R will probably cost twice as much but I feel like “it worked before.”

Reports assume that they will officially announce ZX-4R at EICMA 2022, which is in November. Seems kinda late to announce a 2023 model that they haven’t even begun taking orders on, so I wonder if it will already be confirmed with orders en route to dealers by that point. Maybe they will announce it sooner though. Hours ago Kawasaki uploaded a hype video for their involvement at the Day Night Crew super car show. “Be there.” In their promo video I did spot a ZX-25R on a stationary sim and another on the track, but this particular show hasn’t happened yet making me think there might be a ZX-4R there in its place.

Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later.
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