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Originally Posted by notrocketscience View Post
I'll throw my carbs back on my bike tomorrow and post an update if anything interesting happens.
Update: Installed carbs and my bike ran great for a little while. It ran well enough that I was able to get it in first gear for the very first time. However, I'm still having an issue where the bike runs fine for a little while (longer now) and after a bit, it starts bogging down. The rpms eventually drop low enough that it dies off.

Is this an issue of running too rich? Is my engine being flooded after idling for a bit? I had the same fuel drain from my carbs as I did before I fixed my float valve issue, so maybe nothing changed at all.

I thought I might have a restrictive air filter so I took that out for a test and experienced the same issue. I even set my mixture screws to 1.75 turns out and had the same problem.

Does anyone know what might be my issue and how I can address it? From what I've researched all I can think is I am running way too rich still. In the meantime, I'm going to pull my carbs, re-examine, and see if there's any obvious issue staring me in the face.
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