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Originally Posted by DannoXYZ View Post
Sounds like you have petrol flow problem. Could be petcock or it could be carbs.

2. Test petcock flow in RESERVE. Repeat test and let petcock flow for 10s in reserve position. How much petrol did you collect?
I felt silly, but it is done. I have only run my bike on reserve for my testing (beats constantly moving around a full gas tank, plus I want to paint my tank soon so I've been keeping the fuel low in it to make draining easier).

RESERVE had a flow rate of 6.9 grams/s (1.104 gal/min or 0.773 gal/min depending on how the conversion works. The first is assuming water mass so 0.016gal/min per 1 gram/s, the second is applying that gasoline is about 70% of the mass of water)
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