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Originally Posted by notrocketscience View Post
Looking at my needle valves again they're definitely better, but it seems like that wire is still rubbing the side ever so slightly. It looks like this is causing a tiny gap/leak if it is not pressed into place well enough. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this? I'm not sure I can bend the wire more, but I'll mess with it right now.

I managed to mess around with the wire for long enough that I eventually snapped it. However, I think there's a silver lining. I looked up replacements and found that the current float needles I have appear to be WAY too small to get the job done properly. They're measuring in at 13mm length (including the spring) and have a body of about 3mm by 3mm.

now all I can do is wait and hope the replacements can get the job done. What would we do without amazon?
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