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Originally Posted by Triple Jim View Post
That's silly. Bridgestone BT46 are available in 100/90-16 front and 130/90-16 rear. I've been using BT45s for years, and will go to BT46 as required.

I'll be interested in how the Sport Demons perform for you. I put them on my Moto Guzzi a few years ago and at first they were excellent. Then the front tire quickly got the usual triangular shape and handling suffered noticeably. The rear wore out at 3,800 miles. That was bald in the middle too, not just down to the wear bars.
Well that sucks, for me. Just picked up the Pirelli's mounted and balanced.

The whole purpose of this thread was to find out what is out there in a 16 and does not require any modification to the fender. I'll run the sport demons and see how they do. The BT46's will most likely be the next set put on.
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