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Originally Posted by Edge Genesis View Post
DUDEEEE I THINK WE FOUND IT!! okay so I hooked everything up, switch, battery, and cdi. I also tested the plugs from the harness into the cdi. They all check out. Okay so get this. With all of that plugged in. I get nothing. No lights, starter button has no power. Nothing. BUT! As soon as I bridged the solenoid with a screw driver... I GOT AN OIL LIGHT!! never thought I would be so happy over an oil light... haha. So while I was turning the engine over I pressed the starter button, and heard clicking!! So I think our problem is somewhere there in the solenoid! I still didnít get a neutral light. But I have an extra switch I am going to test, then if nothing Iíll check the bulb. But that would also explain why I had the same problem on the other bike because I am using the same solenoid. I think itís the connection for the fuse. It was hardly fitting. I could just turn it upside down and it would fall out. I tried to tighten the connections but idk.
Do you mean you connect the two large terminals on starter-solenoid?
This is an artificial operation that's not normal operations for bike. Do these tests. Undo any custom bridging, key/switch OFF.

1. measure voltage at B-terminal. Volts = ???

2. measure voltage at M-terminal. Volts = ???

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