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I switched the terminals, they are now hooked up correctly. When I turn the switch I get a oil light, and neutral light. However I do not have power to the starter button. When I use a screw driver I do have spark on the plugs. I tried to start them today but not luck. I was getting gas to the carburetor, too much actually. I believe the plugs may be bad, they spark but it isnít a strong one. I tested all of this on two different bikes. Same results. Lights, spark, engine crank, but no start. Iím not sure why the starters arenít working on either of the bikes. Possibly a fuse? Other than that thatís where I am. Iím going to but fresh plugs in tomorrow and Iíll have the batteryís recharged over night. One of the bikes acted like it wanted to start more than the other. I was getting a little backfire on it.
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