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Originally Posted by Triple Jim View Post
A clogged tank vent can do what you're describing too. Next time it happens, open the tank lid and listen for air whooshing in.
When the bike is running I'm assuming? Where is the vent located? I should probably search this but figured I might just get away w asking..

Originally Posted by greg737 View Post
Fuel system? Yeah, likely.

But Coolant as a cause of the symptoms you described, very unlikely.

And... if you do figure it out don't be "that guy" you described in your post by simply riding off on your happy little way instead of coming back here to document/explain what you found and how you fixed it. Show the forum some love is all I'm saying.
I'm def not that guy. Check my other threads, I stay till the end. I always return the love I receive
There's only one filter I'm aware of and the one I replaced is the one next to the petcock.
As far as coolant goes, i def had a major leak recently and flushing the coolant transformed it (momentarily) from a tractor to a tesla. Never realized how important coolant was to a bike's performance. I thought it just kept it within a specific temp range.
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