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So, um..what r u guys saying? Should I get rid of my current filter?

So today i tackled the fuel issue. Didn't wanna do both fuel & coolant and not kno what the culprit was.

I basically changed the fuel line from that crappy transparent blue ebay 5/8 line to a genuine 5/16 line purchased at Autozone in case carbs were getting too much fuel and choking. Filter looked fine (correct me if I'm wrong). I also removed the carb for the first time in 14yrs (Nikita's lifespan - that's the name of my bike btw) and sprayed a whole can of cleaner. No, I didn't dismantle it cuz carbs downright scare me. I'm afraid of losing or moving jets/needles or doing something stupid. It looked dirty on the outside but surprisingly clean on the inside. I checked all lines and vacuums. All good. I also emptied gas tank, there's still a lil swooshing inside that won't come out no matter how hard I shake the fn thing. Oh and part of airbox connecting to carb looks all effed up. Wasn't on correctly but never has been since I got bike 7k miles ago..

I also probably have cancer now cuz I sprayed carb cleaner all over myself including my eyes.

Taking a beer and lunch break now. Will go get gas and test Nikita in a few. Then I'll tackle coolant (surprisingly, the coolant level was on par). I did tighten the bolt on the engine block 3/4 turn just cuz it had to be leaking from somewhere. Let's see..
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