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Originally Posted by Bob KellyIII View Post
How to keep your skills up is a tough one as there is no real substitute to riding
even if it's just to the grocery store , you use it or you loose it...its that simple
so don't wait for the opportunity to ride, look and find the opportunity to ride
there is a big difference there.
A year of absence from riding and you have to get the feel all over again
I know I just have done 2 years without riding and i"m like a newbee !
my balance is gone the judgement on when to brake is gone and if you throw in a different bike it just complicates it even more
so Ride... force yourself to ride even if it's only a short jaunt, at least once a week a 10 minute ride will keep the memory fresh it's far better than having to start at ground zero like me, 2 years is too long !
I feel like riding the dirt and trails and practicing as much as possible has helped a ton. I finally got out on a sportibke, a borrowed KTM 390 and had a blast- it wasn't too bad at all and I felt super comfortable and natural on the bike! Can't wait to get back to coaching!!! I have been doing a ton of riding clinics, learning enduro skills and keeping up with my visual skills in a different kind of environment (through trails instead of pavement) but every time I drive or ride anywhere I try and make sure I'm practicing something!

What are some of the things you keep going back to practicing while riding? What do you think is your most practiced skill?
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