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Originally Posted by SuspectPage3 View Post
Now, the bike starts, idles with and without choke, stayed on for 5-6 mins.
Once the engine warmed up, I noticed the image C, green (coolant?) Liquid started following though this outlet. It was fairly warm and was dripping all over the engine.

Also, image B, was spitting out large amount of steam from 1 cylinder looking thing.

And then bike stalled itself, (guessing some hose routing isn't correct) .

Could you please help me figure this out.

I have a few connections stray and not connected at this stage:
Image B, point 1 - not connected
Image C, (under right carb, bottom facing outside)
Top of coolant reservoir, white hose outlet,

Hope this makes sense to you guys and may be you can shed some light.
Thanks !
did you not read my post about that 1 and C go together see part 39062D
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