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Originally Posted by SuspectPage3 View Post
Hi shspvr, I saw your reply. I tried to connect the two ends together, but the hose doesn't fit them? Plus it's too big for the cylinder looking thing outlet. Also, it's not long enough to reach the two, so I thought I must be doing something wrong and tried to start the bike. It started and now pouring out the green liquid thing and steam.
So you saying the stem outlet image B1 and C are supposed to connect via a hose? Just to reconfirm.
Don't understand how that's going to work cuz they both outlets and not like one is in and other is out. But let me try to join them.

Looks like the "mechanic" who took the carbs for so called "cleaning" must have forgotten to put that particular hose back on, and now it's missing (probably somewhere in his garage). FFS
I'm going to have to DIY something make make it connect the two together.
The parts are show in the green circle description is saying HOSE-COOLING,FILTER-CARB which mean there a coolant hose going to the carburetor so image B1 and C are supposed to connect via a hose.
So, you are going to need to order part 390620249 "hose" and pair of 921711051 "clamps"
Don't go buy any old hose's keep in mind that needs be made for hot coolant
That other hose? maybe fuel tank drain hose "In post 44 the white arrow" but it way to short for that it needs to be at lease a .5 meter long and only has one clamp on end which for overflow of gas and water under the gas cap to drian off .

For we know he could install the wrong hose so that extra hose you have is actually for carburetor vacuum lines going to the fuel petcock being it has the rigth clamps for carb and the one that on there now at T is the ones for the coolant.
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