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Wooo dude ! you mean to tell me my 250R ninja has a coolant line going to the carbs ???? that is totally unexpected ! I suppose the reason for that would be to keep the carbs at a even temperature, i.e. they used to get too hot in running so they added the coolant which isn't COOL by any means but it's better than boiling the gas in the carbs ! and a side benefit of getting better gas milage from the engine would also be realised .... that coolant to the carbs would likely only pass through a horizontal hole in each carb and return to the radiator
just enough to regulate the temperature a bit sense the engine head is very hot it would likely be at the front of the carb, but sense aluminum transfers heat so well it could also be at the back of the carb.... I find that very Bazaar ! coolant line to the carbs ! who'd a' thunk it ??? LOL...
I'll have to pay closer attention to my bike when I pull the carbs off
but I didn't notice anything like that before... it could be only the older models have that...i dunno !
also probably why they added the carbon canister and air pollution crap on the bike as well.... one thing leads to another and it was needed !
that is a new one on me !
thanks for the info...Anthony !

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