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Originally Posted by Bob KellyIII View Post
yah 1970's chevy trucks had them in a plate under the carb
to stop carb ICENG which would lead to a vapor lock !
they had PVC valves those crazy environmentalists got them to pass that one !
then they came up with smog pumps ! a total disaster that did not reduce emissions it worsened them ! but the consumer paid the price !
... same thing with the fuel from the very start they said they had to do something as you couldn't see from all the smog in the L.A. basin... they made us use unleaded fuel and discovered that the emissions out of the cars was 10 times as bad as it ate the paint off the road signs ! but they stuck with it anyway ... after all it's not good politics to say oh we screwed up ! sorry
so instead of changing back to leaded fuel we still have it and catalytic converters in every car and a ton of other crap to make up for their Oversite !
and they have the gaul to say it's for the reduction of pollution
.... oh well.... no one ever said politicians are smart ! they just kiss babies and shake alot of hands and then take long vacations !
there's gott'a be a better way !
Amay to that
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