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Originally Posted by Bob KellyIII View Post
yes the future is electric because the government demands it... you won't be able to buy a gas powered bike in a few short years !
but the problem is the electric is not ready yet .. they have very short range
and no charging infrastructure ...people in the rural areas are going to be screwed when they have to drive 45 miles one way and have to re charge to make it home..... not to mention recharging is going to cost you alot more than a tank of gas would even now, at these high gas prices.....
electric is not ready. nore is the pocket book !
on the best of terms you could charge it at home in 8 hrs ....
but what about shipping ? you NEED big diesel trucks to do that not some wimpy electric mini truck like Tesla is so proud of ...
and to have the state pass a law that says no gas powered vehicles will be sold after a certain date is plane stupid... god help us !
That a Calif thing not everyone else
Beside we'll all be hoarding our bike parts
Psss BoB I'll let you on a dirty little secret they already got semi electric trucks but the range is about 150miles tops god help you if you ever break down you're gonna need call on Mighty Mo Wrecker "Holmes 750 Wrecker" to come get them
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