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Posts: A lot.
actually just the contrary very little maintenance on this thing i think it's 5000 miles between valve adjustments after the initial setting at 500 miles
it's fuel injected so no carb problems... has ABS so you can stop faster than the car behind you and get rear ended ! LOL
and a large gas tank ! of 5.5 gallons !
the only thing i don't like about this bike is the exhaust pipe from the head it comes down to the bottom of the engine and then splits into a loop going around both sides of the engine that should cook your oil real good don't ya think ??? stupidest exhaust pipe I've ever seen but that is my only complaint
and thousands of them have been running for decades and no one has complained about the exhaust cooking the motor so perhaps my fears are misplaced !

right now I am in the middle of changing the preload on the rear shock they had it a long way up...i want it a long way down ...
right now it's a tippy-toe affair when I'm on it.and absolutely no sag when I get on it ....
I can compress the front a little by shoving on the handle bars with all my weight but the back shows no give at all, so I gott'a fix that.
for $5500 ( +~- ) to my door I came out smelling like a rose !
and the resin boxes on it seem alot better than I thought they would be
quite robust.
all in all I am quite happy ! and it's comfortable to ride no crotch rocket stuff... HAHAHAHA ! more my style !

Its too late when you've gone too far !

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