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yes I have synched the carbs many times. they are in synch right now.

That next day when I could see I swapped the gauges to see if it was a hose or a gauge so I swapped the gauges and vacuum ports to see if it was either the gauge or the hose. I have a new vacuum gauge in the box. So I will have to use that when I synch again.

Unfortunately my friend came over this morning and I was showing him the bike and he sprayed brake cleaner on the CDI pins because he said they looked a little corroded. he did this when I went to get some fresh gas at the station and now it will not start. I'm pretty aggravated now. I just bought that CDI. I'm hoping it will dry out. he said he tried to start it after he "cleaned them" so more than likely its been shorted out internally. it still works but not right. the timing is really off

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