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Originally Posted by shspvr View Post
Take Rubbing Alcohol pour on it the used a hair dyer
I went out there to grab it to do that and I turned it upside down and shook it to see if I could hear anything and he FLOODED it with liquid. I blew it out with the compressor and thought what the hell I will try it one more time and it started. So I thought while its running I might not get another chance to check for air leaks again if this CDI never works again so I had a Hunt Brothers single serve pizza box and I used it just to cover the intake side of the carbs so I could spray every single inch of the carbs and intake boots to see if it was a vacuum leak like yall have been saying I must have. Well the lid of the pizza box is the exact same size of the intake are of the carbs. I was able to rev it!! Its weird though that it ran months ago with no filters at all but now that I choke it down with a box lid it will run. It is getting too much air. But why now instead of before? must be a combination of plugged ports and the sort. oh well. I was able to start the bike again by shaking the CDI and blowing it out once more. I repeated spraying all over to check for leaks and there are no orifices letting air in....other than the carb intakes. good hoses and caps and new boots and gaskets. I mean they should be as they're all new.

Amazon still hasn't mailed me the replacement air filter yet. they claim they have not received the defective one I mailed back. choking it with the box seems to have fixed it? I mean I can understand why that would be true but I'm afraid the K&N pod isnt going to be that much more restrictive when I get it compared to no filters like right now
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