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Originally Posted by DannoXYZ View Post
Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

He's missing coolant hose. Thought extra loose vacuum hose might have been swapped onto carbs. But nope, from photos, it appears all vacuum hoses on carbs are correct. Idiot mechanic probably left it on bench somewhere.
I guess he's f****d up and lost that hose. If I were to swap to one of the other hoses, or use the one from tank overflow thing (the one that goes from front left tank corner all the way from left side of engine pointing to ground connected to nothing) will that work,
I didn't want to risk it and cause more harm than good,
What do you think, if not, I'll order one as per shspvr mentioned and wait for it to deliver.

Also, I'm guessing the one in picture attached, doesn't connect to anything?
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