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Originally Posted by SuspectPage3 View Post
I guess he's f****d up and lost that hose. If I were to swap to one of the other hoses, or use the one from tank overflow thing (the one that goes from front left tank corner all the way from left side of engine pointing to ground connected to nothing) will that work,
I didn't want to risk it and cause more harm than good,
What do you think, if not, I'll order one as per shspvr mentioned and wait for it to deliver.

Also, I'm guessing the one in picture attached, doesn't connect to anything?
Yes you should order that specific hose because not only does it need to be made for hot coolant it also need be rated for pressure too without bursting, Because I have seen auto mechanics replace Chevy LS steam crossover vent tube with regular vacuum hose only to only end up bursting after 6 mos.
That correct that just the radiator overflow vent for the expansion tank hose it is usually routed down between the frame in back of the engine just in front of swing arm
Just pick a reg vacuum hose being it is not under any kind of pressure or continuous coolant flow for it, or you can just order the original part number 390620191.
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