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Alright, so, I went and got a connection hose as recommended above. Connected the two remaining things correctly and started the bike. The bike starts, idles perfectly fine for some time (until it's still cold and starting to warm up).
Now there are two issues:
1) I still can't open the throttle, cuz as soon as I do that, the bike dies. If I put the choke on, it will rev up naturally to 5-6k rpm. But any more throttle and it will die.
2) As soon as the bike is hot (left it running on the spot for 7-8mins) the coolant reservoir (white container thing on side) started to bubble up, looks like the hose from the radiator is sending hot air through the hose into the bottom of reservoir.
So I panicked and turned her off and I can't dare to start her up again. I've clearly connected a hose wrongly.
(See the attached for reference please)

Where did I mess up now?
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