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Well, I got up late again today so I only had time to get the RX4 out of the shop
I will likely just lower the front out in the yard sense it is such a PITA to get that heavy beast into the shop and back out of it...
i have to wait till my handle bar risers get here so I can lower the front forks
so while I am waiting I figured I'd take it for a spin or two.
(at least that's the plan !)
I also need some high quality metric allen the LONG format
I have short ones but I need the long ones and perhaps a set of 3/8" ratchet allen socket type things.... all I have in that are old S.A.E sizes that went through the Ranch getting new ones wouldn't hurt at all.
This bike is unlike any other bike I have had.... it's big big as a 650 or so...
it's heavy as a 650 street bike has the full dress amenities of many of the cruisers. and handles extremely well.... or did before I lowered the ass....
I am hoping after I lower the front that handling will come back but I expect right now the way it's ass low I've killed the handling on it ! ( I expect that ...I don't know if that's true till I ride it!)
Its too late when you've gone too far !
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