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Looks like the pilot circuit with the 4 way split is causing yet another owner to have problems running the motor....
there has to be a sure fire way to clean that circuit but to date it's wire probes ,ultrasonic cleaning, soda blasting and down right attention to detail and PEA carb cleaner....and lets not forget compressed Air ! and you gott'a do it from all 4 of those out side holes toward the center which plugs the center with the crap you cleaned out so that takes more cleaning .... testing to see if carb cleaner comes out all the holes when sprayed into one does NOT tell you it's clean strangely enough should, but that really only tells you some of the cleaner is getting through it does not tell you if the flow is restricted or not....
so the rule of thumb I've always followed doesn't work very good...
get all the plugged areas un plugged and sprey carb cleaner and see if it comes out all the passageways.... if it does your good to go... but not for these carbs ! the short section between the pilot jet and the intersection of the 3 other holes seems to be the culprit ! it is impossible to get a wire into
and getting pressure from a carb cleaner isn't very good either as it just goes out the other holes....
....i think a blast of 110lb compressed air directly into the pilot jet holder is the best bet for cleaning that short section.... but I did that and my carbs are still's too lean at idle the pilot circuit is still partially plugged.
so as you can see cleaning the carbs on a ninja is troublesome at best...
your best option is take them off and send them to Ducattiman ! SERIOUSLY
as I have had my carbs off 3 times and their still not right
these carbs are HARD to clean !!!!
Its too late when you've gone too far !
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