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Which generation truck did you have? EFI would make it 22RE engine. None of OBD1 versions had ECUs that were programmable. That feature would adds extra cost to final pricing. Toyota had fixed programming in PROM and hid it in same chip-package as CPU so data-lines were internal to prevent sniffing. So any fuel adjustments would have to done with interceptor piggybacks. However, any adjustments made would be negated by O2-sensor feedback as ECU adjusts back to target 14.7:1 AFR.

JET was only outfit that was able to program these. They shaved off casing from CPU/PROM chip and inserted probes inside to figure out how it worked and read data tables. Still wasn't programmable though, so their tuning product was a new EEPROM chip that clipped on top of factory CPU and fed it new data-tables. Would also have to disable O2-sensor to run in open-loop mode.

Crazy expensive though, better to get aftermarket SDS, Megasquirt or Haltech standalone system for 22RE. Heck some people even installed Honda ECU and harness in their trucks to program with Hondata software.
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